Leroy-Somer Electric Power Generation, a business unit of the Nidec Group, is the global leader in industrial alternators.

Leroy-Somer specializes in the supply for global OEMs with industrial and design to order alternators in low, medium and high Voltage configurations from 5KW to 25MW, up to 15000V.

The range of Leroy-Somer alternators comes in two main segments:

  • Industrial range, Low & Medium Voltage
  • Customized (design to order) range, Low, Medium and High Voltage
  • and Electronic Products

Industrial range, Low & medium Voltage, 50 & 60Hz, 4 & 6 pole, from 10 KW to 3900 KW, these alternators are designed for Gensets driven by diesel or gas engines. These generators are used in numerous fields such as rental & construction, marine, telecom, commercial, health, etc.

Customized (design to order) range, Low, Medium and High Voltage, 50 or 60hz, 4 to 24 pole, from 500 KW to 25000 KW, these alternators are dedicated to Power plants and are driven by diesel or gas engines, gas or steam turbines, wind turbines or hydro turbines. In addition to stationary power plants, they are also used in other fields such as oil & gas, nuclear, marine, etc.

Electronic Products: Analog or Digital AVRs depending on customers’ requirements.

1500 rpm-50Hz-230/400V1800 rpm-60 Hz-220/380V
Leroy Somer AlternatorsPrimeStandbyPrimeStandby
From kVATo kVAFrom kVATo kVAFrom kVATo kVAFrom kVATo kVA
TAL04010.020.010.521. Specs
TAL04225.060.026.564. Specs
TAL04470.0200.074.0212.069.0200.073.0212.0Download Specs
TAL046230.0365.0244.0387.0226.0345.0265.0398.0Download Specs
TAL047410.0660.0435.0700.0450.0650.0475.0690.0Download Specs
TAL049730.01000.0775.01060.0725.0990.0770.01,050.0Download Specs
LSA50.21250.01640.01315.01720.01,285.01,635.01,350.01,715.0Download Specs
LSA52.31860.02500.01972.02650.01,860.02,500.01,972.02,650.0Download Specs
LSA53.22650.03300.02783.03465.02,625.03,160.02,757.03,445.0Download Specs
LSA54.23060.04175.0TBATBATBATBATBATBADownload Specs

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