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Control Panels

The enclosure is fabricated in our CNC fabrication factory, where several computerized numerical controlled punching, cutting and bending machines are handled to achieve the invented designs of our engineering specialists on high quality metal sheets.
– The enclosure is painted with durable heat-treated and powder-coated paints of our branding standard colours; White and Black
– The inlet and outlet wiring of the panel protect the sealed and flexible looms that are connected to the panel through cable glands.
– The panel designs, colours, wiring and/or any additional special request can be customized and applied according to customer requirement after their feasibility study by our R&D department.

Control Panel GMP 260 With Deep Sea Controller 6010/20 MKII

GMP260MK (DSE6010 MKII) panel is an automatic start generating set panel of microprocessor based design which is capable of interfacing with electronic engine through the can-bus J1939. It is fully configurable by front fascia buttons and PC software as well. If Mains voltage is to be monitored, DSE6020MKII can be offered.


Note 1: some OPTIONAL features could be standard if there is CANbus is established with electronic engines

Note 2: Low coolant level protection is standard feature for genset above 200KVA, otherwise it is optional.

Note 3: There is limitation in the number of protections and measurements that can be offered with GMP260MK.

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